Maroon Invest Global

Accelerating innovation and investment to close material funding gaps
in chronic Health conditions & Climate Impact on Health

Maroon Venture Fund

Maroon Venture Fund I LP is a highly differentiated fund manager investing anchor capital in Pre-Seed to Series A ventures; to close material funding gaps, “amplify”, and scale innovation addressing the leading chronic Health and Climate conditions impacting Population Health traditionally under-invested in. 

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Maroon’s investment team has deep expertise and a proven investment track record as institutional LPs and successful venture builders, who have scaled and exited both ventures and funds in Fund’s target Health and Climate areas of focus. 

HEALTH: “Our Health is our True Wealth” ~ Population Health conditions prioritised by Maroon consist of diabetes, other autoimmune diseases; blood health; cardiovascular conditions (incl. heart disease); certain cancers (prostate, cervical, ovarian); inflammation; food and environmental allergies; neurological and brain health. 

These chronic conditions prioritised also disproportionately impact women and economically under-represented demographics. 

CLIMATE IMPACT ON HEALTH: Fund team is focused on delivering authentic, measurable impact through innovation and investment in the:

  • Blue Economy
  • Built Environment
  • AI-driven Climate solutions in GhG emission reduction/reversal
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Deep expertise and perspectives drives innovation and returns

100% of Maroon investment and scaling activities is committed to best-in-class innovation, authentic measurable impact delivery, and optimising sustainable attractive investor returns by investing in innovation and ventures led by expert management teams.


Lisa Lambie

Lisa Lambie

Managing Partner 
& Chief Impact Officer

Timmeko Moore Love Partner – Climate & CleanTech

Timmeko Moore Love

General Partner
Health & Climate

Joyeeta Das

General Partner & Head of AI, Tech, Data

Rudy Hobson Partner – Health

Rudy Hobson

Venture Partner
& IC Member